Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm a patriot

I love holidays.  As a kid I was the first to get out our holiday decorations and set them out.  It brought me pure joy to have our home decorated for the holidays.  And now with my own home I go a little overboard and deck out alot of spaces in my home with holiday decor. 
 It warms my heart.  

I made this pendant garland for the month of July and love it hanging over my front porch!  These garlands are super easy.  Make a triangle the size you want, double the fabric and cut out, sew the sides together right sides in, then turn right sides out, iron and sew them into double wide bias tape.  I swear I have garlands for almost every occasion, easy, inexpensive and really festive!

I love seeing it out my front windows, it makes me think there is a party going on inside my home.  Which there usually is.  

I hope you all have the chance to sing the Star Spangled Banner this week, I did on Sunday and by the 3rd verse I always get a little choked up.  I am so proud to be an American and grateful for the Founding Fathers and their wisdom in writing the Constitution and for the freedoms we enjoy.  
God bless the USA!!
I hope you all have a happy Fourth of July!!  


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