Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love is all you need

I got this gray and white chevron fabric for Christmas and I used it to cover some pillows in my living room.  I decided to use some extra fabric on this wreath.  I first was inspired here to wrap fabric on this styrofoam wreath for Halloween.  (Don't take note of my dirty door, it's still winter and I don't need to wash it for another 3 months, right?) 

Then adding these letters made it more festive for Valentine's Day.  I used pages from an old book but you could also photo copy a book instead of cutting the written word! Anyway, I need to hot glue the pendants on since my door takes a beating from the wind and now the words look like the beginnings of a Scrabble game!  

On a side note, this little darling threw-up 11 times (yes 11!) last night and didn't cry one single tear!  Can you say tough cookie?  Not me, I feel like crying because I finally fell asleep at 5:30 but was up at 7:30, being a mom is pretty rough at times.  Can you see the curls in her hair?  We did the cool headband twist last night from this site but with all the trips to the toilet, the back fell out and we only got curls in the front.  Maybe we'll try it again this Sunday.  

Hope your household is healthier than ours!

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  1. Love the wreath idea! My door is sad and empty right now and I am looking for a great idea! Thanks for sharing!