Monday, January 16, 2012

Pom Pom Tutortial

I love tissue pom poms, they make rooms and parties look so festive and fun!  They are an inexpensive way to add some oomph!  I have one in every color hanging in my children’s playroom and then when I host a shower or party I just pluck some off the ceiling for the  decorations!
They are really easy to make and with a helpful tip from my super talented friend Natalie they turn out awesome every time.  I’ve made a step-by-step tutorial that should be easy to follow:
1. Buy two packs of tissue (you need 14 sheets)
2. Stack all 14 sheets
3. Stagger the tissue sheets randomly, this makes for no gaps in your finished pom pom. (this was the tip from my friend)
4. Start  to accordian fold, I usually do it about 1 1/2″ wide.  Keeping the tissue on the table while you fold is easier and keeps the tissue together.

5. Gather folded tissue together
6. Tie in the middle with floral wire or twine or whatever.  Make a loop so you can tie your fish line to it to hang.
7. Cut ends into a point.  Do it a couple layers at a time, otherwise it’s too hard and won’t turn out as pretty!
8. Make sure all ends are pointed, I end up cutting a pretty deep point.

9. Fan out one side.
10. Gently pull one layer up at a time.
11. Be careful not to crinkle the tissue too much and if you tear some of the layers, no biggie they will blend.
12. Pull 7 layers up on one side and then pull the other 7 layers up to the other side. It should be evenly poofy like this.

13. Find the loop before you pull the other side up, otherwise you will have a hard time finding it.
14. Voila!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Would you be willing to post some pictures of the puffs you've put in your playroom? It sounds so darling and I'd like to try it.

  2. Kallee, I will post some pics in the next week for you! Thanks!