Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kennecott - the mine and Daybreak

I'm a native Utah girl.  And I'm a little ashamed to say that this was the first time I had visited the Kennecott Copper Mine!  We had ventured out on Saturday to buy some new trees and plants for our yard but the nursery we wanted to get them was closed.  So instead, we spent $5 and visited the copper mine that is in our backyard!  It was amazing to see how big the pit is and how huge the trucks are!  My girls enjoyed looking thru the museum at all the old and new mining equipment and stuff.  If you want to do a little sight seeing this month, it's the perfect time to go because admission is FREE!  Check out their website for details.

So I know I mentioned this before but I am attending this blogger event this weekend and couldn't be more excited to meet new friends, take classes, get swag and hang with some cool sponsors!

Some of the sponsors include the following:
Hotel Monaco - a cool hotel in SLC
Goldilocks Ride - a womens only bike ride/race
Flirty Aprons - cook with flair!
Oh Sweet Sadie! - a darling boutique here in Daybreak
Daybreak....I of course l.o.v.e Daybreak because this is where I live!  

Not my house, but one of my favorites in the hood.

This is what I do most mornings, it's heavenly running around the lake.

"The beach park"...my kids love it!



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  1. Loved meeting you at the Breathing Space Retreat and still laughing at our introduction! Saw Monae last week and she reminded me that you had her baby shower at your house. Totally met you there but completely forgot. Love your blog and am totally going to bust the saw out to make a colorful bench.