Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mermaid Birthday Party

My sweet little Samantha turns four this week, to celebrate we threw a Mermaid Party!  Aerial is her favorite princess but I didn't want to throw a Disney party.  My friend Aymee had thrown a mermaid party for her little girl the week before so I borrowed most of her stuff.  She saved me so much time and money! On a side note:  I think we need to do party exchanges or something like that because we all spend so much time making decorations and stuff and then it gets used once!  Who's with me??  

My friend inspired my simple design for the invitations, they were really easy to make and I printed everything at home or cut out on my Cricut.  

The scalloped banners were borrowed and the happy birthday garland was from last year's Rapunzel birthday party, I was really happy the colors worked for this party!

This little table and chair set-up is a birthday tradition at our house.  We move out our dining table and bring in this.  I think it's so cozy and quaint for the kids.  You can see the hanging ruffled crepe paper, it's suppose to look like kelp.  

I think my cupcakes turned out pretty cute!  I made the candy shells out of a mold set I found at Hobby Lobby in these three colors.  I used brown sugar as sand on top of my blue buttercream frosting.  (The brown sugar was my friend's idea.)

The pink coral is from Wal-Mart's pet section, again, not my idea!

The party favors, a pearl necklace, lip gloss, a ring and bubbles!  We also had an Aerial pinata and played some simple but fun games while we waited for Aerial to show-up!  Freeze dance to The Little Mermaid songs and pass the beach ball.

Happy Birthday to my precious little Sammy girl!  



  1. So fun, I love the cupcakes!!


  2. A fabulous theme for a little girls party:)

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  4. Truly a pretty party. Loved the theme especially the pink coral and planning to arrange a similar one at one of New York venues for my little cousin as she loves mermaids. Will be inviting her friends there and will have these cupcakes for them.

  5. Adorable post! This theme is truly awesome and will love to have it for my niece’s birthday party which is in couple of weeks. She has started going to one of Phoenix kindergarten and will definitely it as she told me about something similar

  6. I know you said the pink coral came from the pet department, but what is it?