Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Dapper

You know how you like to play with dolls?  This is my doll.  I had so much fun dressing him yesterday for church.  Are you also a nerd like me?  Thought so.   Anyway, I bought Noah these white loafers and knew he needed plaid pants and a bow tie to boot!  My super talented friend Natalie made her little boy some plaid pants and told me she got the pattern from this website.  I made the legs taper just a bit so they didn't look like clown pants with the plaid fabric.  I tried really hard to match the pattern on the front....all I can say is I'm a novice and a little impatient!  

This is his classic "crusty" face, it makes me want to munch him even more!  Bow ties are in and they are pretty easy and super cheap to make.  You can find the tutorial here.    

Of course, the sissys couldn't resist a photo op.  I did not teach them to pose.  Nor do they want iCarly or Jessie.....I think it's funny that they have to pose.  I should take some notes from them!

Happy Monday!


  1. Little Mister Dapper needs a tweed cap to top it all off. I'm sure it will stay on for at least 0.5 seconds! Ha ha! All the K-Kids look fab!

  2. So cute! You need to get the word out that your blog is up and running. I didn't know until I saw a pin from it on Pinterest and it is awesome! You are so cute and creative.

  3. Jeanne, he as a cap and you are right, it's on for a nano second! Laura, I sent out an email and post of FB....i feel like I've been doing a lot of self promotion....a little out of my comfort zone! It's really fun to have this creative outlet. Thanks!