Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Week's Favorites

You know how you buy or find something that you end up loving?  
Well, this week I have three:

1. SoBe lifewater Pacific Coconut drink....only 80 calories and no crazy sweeteners, just pure cane sugar and coconut water.  That combo to me is heavenly!  Chris and I went and saw 'This Means War' last night (a must see!) and afterwards we wanted a healthy treat and picked up one of these and now we are hooked!  We stocked up at Target today. 

2. Blue Hydrangea arrangement from Target.  My husband loves these and he has rubbed off on me because I just adore it in my kitchen, it makes me happy!  We have a hydrangea plant in our front yard and Chris works so hard each summer to make it blue by adding aluminium sulfate to the soil.  In Utah our dirt is too base, it needs to be more acidic.  

3. Acrylic Make-up Organizer.  My sister Diana gave this to me because she got a  new one. I used to have my make-up in a bag on my always looked so messy.  I love how this fits in my drawer so nicely and keeps my make-up so clean and organized.  You can find these all over the place.  

We'd love to hear about the products you love as of late!


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  1. This has been my fave piece of the week! I love wearing scarves ... any kind. In fact, when I was in Paris ... they has a WHOLE SHOP dedicated to scarves and the girls and guy sales people showed you how to wrap the coolest ways. I bought two silk scarves and wear them all the time. Here is a great video on tying all different kinds of scarves in 4.5 minutes. At least here is the link ...