Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tea Party Birthday

This is my beautiful Alex at age 3.  I threw her a darling tea party for her birthday three years ago and with her being my oldest, this was my first kid party and of course, I probably had more fun than the kids....is anyone else nerdy like that?

 I have a few neighbors that also have kids Pottery Barn and DownEast tables and chairs.  We borrow each other's for our kids birthday parties.  I think it's much more quaint and kid friendly when they are all gathered around the small tables.

I made tea hats for each of the little girls, I found these at Target in the $1 section during the Easter season and then hot glued pieces of boa feathers around the brim.  Can you say inexpensive??  I was just at Target today and they just put out all their Easter stuff yesterday!  I was there picking up some little white gloves for my mother/daughter tea party next month.  

 I served little pb&j tea sandwiches, and grilled cheese tea size sandwiches along with fruit and cookies.

Pink lemonade served in these cool plastic tea cups from Zurcher's (in the wedding aisle.)

One of my first garlands....so simple but still festive and cute!

I tried to talk my girls into having a tea party birthday party this spring for their 4th and 6th birthday's but they declined me!  Instead, we are doing Mermaid and Pink Poodle.  Should be fun!



  1. Beautiful!! It's girly heaven!! Nice job!


  2. Beautiful post! Last week I took all the kids to a tea party in one of the prettiest venues in NYC and I dressed my daughter just like I dress up myself. She looked like a smaller version of me. It was a fun day, I dropped back all her friend’s home after that.