Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's recap

This is my Valentine.  He's pretty cute, eh?  This picture was taken by my 5 yr old who has a broken arm and then I went and ruined it edited it and well, not our best pic!  

We have a Valentine's Day tradition that we started 3 years ago.  It's our Surf and Turf dinner, busting out the crystal and linens.  I love showing my kids the finer things in life!
And of course we always do chocolate fondue but I decided to prevent the mess and pre-dip the strawberries, plus they look so purdy that way!

There are always the special  When they get older I see giving jewelry, perfume or wallets.  My sweet boy LOVES balls and 'ball' is one of two words that he says.  The other word is Dadda. (wah wahhhh!)  
I love celebrating with my children and I feel it creates special memories for them. 

xo Melanie

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