Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Painted Tables

Four years ago we inherited these table and chairs from my in-laws.  They used to be honey. blah!  I knew I wanted to paint the chairs white and I wasn't quite sure what color to paint the table.  I chose a darker blue than my walls, but not much darker.  We painted it and put it in the room and it was horrible because there was no contrast!  Chris, my husband, said "let's paint it gray".  I totally questioned him but then agreed thinking it could be cool but if I hate it, I'll repaint it again.  Don't you think we he chose well?  

I love how neutral the gray is and how well it goes in my blue house.  I love light, fresh colors and it's perfect!  

My kitchen table is also painted and this one came from our local second hand store Deseret Industries three years ago.  I got the table and all six chairs for $64!!!  Did you know you can haggle?  When my BIL delivered them my husband might have sworn at "what the H Mel!"  They used to be old, smelly, stained walnut!  Ewww.  I told him to trust me.  

I love the camel back arch shape at top and the cane backs!  It's what I always wanted but thought I'd have to spend $3000.  With new foam and fabric total cost is $125! Woot. woot.  
I scotchguarded the seats because I wanted designer fabric.  I used a remnant piece of Ralph Lauren black and white herringbone from a design job a few years back.  Then on the side chairs I found some damask at JoAnn's on sale.  

The smaller scale is perfect for my small nook area and I love the black and white with my white kitchen.  My husband completely trusts me now! 

Do you have a painted table you just love?  Please share pictures.


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  1. I have also inhereted a table and chairs from my in-laws. Did you spend weeks sanding before you painted? What kind of paint did you use?