Thursday, March 22, 2012

Craving Navy and White

Are any of you itching to change things up in your home decor?  I totally am!  Everywhere I look I am drawn to navy, white, indigo blue and red.  My house is pretty light and pastel with light blue walls and accents of gray,black and white everywhere.

I've moved on.

 I know I love navy and white.  It's an instant classic combo that is really hot right now. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be changing things up in my house, nothing that a can of paint or a yard of fabric can't do.  It's nothing major (I wish it was) but I'm excited nonetheless.  I want to do it now and be done by the weekend, but alas, I have too many things on my plate that can't be put on hold.

Here are some inspiration pictures....

I love these rooms because although they are navy and white they don't seem nautical or beachy which is nice!  

Here's another inspiration pic, me at the pool?  If I starve myself for the next year and get a tan?  It could happen.  I at least want that shirt.

What color palette inspires you?



  1. Love it Mel! I want my family room to look like these ones. I need to start being more crafty and you should help me :).

  2. Just say when and come over and we'll do a project...or better yet, you can help paint a thing or two in my house for my re-do!