Monday, March 5, 2012

Noah's Nursery

We have two girls and a boy.  When we knew we were having a son, I couldn't wait to decorate a boy nursery!

This sign was hanging outside by my doorbell until a wind storm blew it off a couple of weeks ago.  It was a gift from a dear friend, it's way cuter than the masking tape I had over the doorbell!

I adore this paper and fabric garland.  I think it turned out just right, not too fancy and not too plain for a baby boy.  There are three layers of paper and the top layer is fabric that I adhered with spray mounting glue.  The medallions under the chipboard letters are also fabric as well as the ruffle at the top and the rosette at the bottom.  

The fabric garland on the wall is so easy to sew you can find the pattern from my friend Natalie's blog.  I figured out how to make the paper mobile on my own and it used to be hanging over his crib until one day he stood up, pulled it down and ate some of the paper!  

I cut out a loads of circles on my Cricut but you could do it just as easy with a circle punch.  Sew the circles together and hot glue the strips on a ribbon covered embroidery hoop rigged with dowel rods.  I think it finishes the room off....since I can't really have a chandelier  in his room, this gives it the same feel.

Every time I go into Noah's room, I smile.  It makes me happy to know I created a beautiful space for my son to grow up in.


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  1. I love the room. Wait until EVERY STINK'N inch of the floor is covered with legos and little tiny tiny toys, You'll want to light a match to it! :)

    You're a good Mommy, Mel!