Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday's Inspirational're gonna love this one!

As promised, my favorite religious video by Seth Adam Smith. When I watched it again last week I felt like I probably won't ever be an eminent woman because I'm not writing a novel or opening an orphanage in Africa anytime soon. Last night we attended Stake Conference (like church but better!) and a woman from our neighborhood spoke about how she helped her young children memorize 'The Living Christ'. I was so impressed with her dedication and how valiant she is because of the righteous influence she is having over her children.
This morning as I was pondering the words I heard and felt last night I realized that raising children or indirectly raising (if you are an auntie) is pretty darn important in the eyes of God. Probably the most important thing you will do. So, please don't feel like I did last week......because you are noble and important to your children and the children you influence and the world will thank you (silently of course) for raising people that will make the world a better place.


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