Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary

                                                                       (It was a spring blizzard and I had to scan this it's not quite clear.)

Today we've been married seven years!  I had someone ask me if I had the "7year itch".  It's quite the opposite.  Over the years I've been grateful for Chris, but lately I am more grateful than ever for my husband!  He's a real stand-up guy.  Full of integrity, character, wisdom, intelligence and humor!  I once said when we were engaged that I love that he makes me laugh.  Really laugh. Like tears roll down your eyes laugh!   It's why I fell in love with him at first.  And he still makes me laugh.  We were laughing the other day with my SIL and she said "do you guys always laugh like this?"  YES!  Honestly, being married to Chris is so delightful.  Of course, we aren't exempt of trials and rough spots but we seem to get thru them stronger than before and hopefully better.  Happy Anniversary Babe!  I'm one lucky girl! xoxoxo

                                                                               (My kids bent this picture......gotta love how kids ruin your stuff!)