Saturday, March 3, 2012

Get Organized- Friday's Fidge Cleanout

 Do any of your refrigerators look like this? Somehow mine gets this way with my family of 6.  Nobody eats leftovers but, my husband hates throwing it out right away.  I think he tells himself he might eat it for lunch the next day.  He never does.

I grew up in a large family.  Our Fridge was always full of food.  I feel like I need mine to be this way to.  Maybe I need a shrink?  Haha!

I love a clean and organized fridge.  It makes me feel so happy! 

Start with the 3 day rule.  If you aren't going to eat the left overs in 3 days pitch it immediately. If you haven't consumed them within 3 days throw it out.  I watched this "Horder's" episode last week where a single lady had 2 refrigerators.  She had yogurt in her freezer dated back to 2008 and her fridge had yogurt 1 year old.  Obviously there was a lot of other very outdated and smelly stuff.  We would never want it to get this bad so clean it out at least biweekly.

I love to wipe down the inside of my fridge with a solution of hot water and Mr Clean after I have removed everything from the shelves.

Happy Organizing!
XO,  Tami

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  1. Mine definitely needs cleaned out! Thanks for inspiring me I am going to go do it right now!